Private Labeling

Real Kosher has over 50 years of experience and is private labeling for many wholesale food distribtuors all over the United States.

At Real Kosher, we take great pride in providing our customers with the products they want and with outstanding service. Whether it is sliced deli meats, chicken products, frankfurters, beef, lamb or veal, we are the custom meat processor of choice. Let us create the private label program that your company needs and deserves.

Advantages of Private Labeling

- Substantially higher margins than a brand name products

- Greater freedom with pricing strategy

- Freedom to create your own marketing plans

- You will increase your sales

- You have control over the stock inventory

- Create a positive image of yourself for your customer which will lead to stronger customer loyalty

- Reduce dependance on brand names for sales

- Positions you better in a tight economy

- You will not walk into Target ® and see the same Food Products that you sell on a shelf with a retail price lower than what you pay your distributor

- After building customer loyalty for months, your customers won't turn around and order the same products from an online megastore because they are only available from you!

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